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Pierced – A Contemporary Design by Rory May

This sculpture is my largest one I have ever done.  I forged it for the Raw Artist show, “Mixology,” in that I wanted a discussion piece.  Combining traditional forged joinery, and mixing some human anatomy made for a great conversation starter.  It was well received at the show and people had come over becuase of it.  I ended up refinishing it since I did not anticipate that this sculpture would be touched so much, the finish was wiped off!  A pleasant surprise none the less.  The piercing is copper and the rest of the material is steel.  Starting with a 1 1/4″ piece of square stock for the body, I forged it to an eight sided octagon and slit and drifted a hole.  The center arc was a piece of 3/4 x 2.  I forged it under the power hammer on one side that caused it to curl. The Spike is removable as well.


It stands in at 5 feet tall

Weighs 54 lbs

Price: $2,500



Click on the image for a larger view


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