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Forged Fold Formed Sculpture – Iron confection

This was forged out of 1/4″ plate.  I took a technique that is commonly used by jewelers that use copper called “Fold Forming.”  This technique is when the smith folds the material in half and starts to forge one area of the piece more than another.  This action causes the material to forge out thinner thus stretching faster than other side.  In my case I went so far that I was able to get a very dramatic curve.  At which point I opened it up and continued the process.  This is one piece of metal and no welding was done to it.  It can lay in a variety of positions.


About this piece: Weight: 7 lbs Length: 16″ Height: 10″ at its tallest and 6″ at the saddle Width: 6.75″


Fold-formed-art fold-formed-metal fold-formed-sculpture fold-formed-steel

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