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Forged Aspen Leaf Charms

Forged out of brass, copper, bronze and steel these aspen leaves will have a hole on the end of the stem to be able to hang it. I do forge these by hand at the anvil so please understand each leaf is unique in shape, texture and color; though all are close relatives to each other.

Some ideas how others use these are:

  • Jewelry
  • Ornaments
  • Key Chains
  • Your “backup plan” for a quick escape (I don’t ask)


add  $5 for a forged loop

Don’t forget to choose your color.

For $5 add a forged loop instead. (If this is not selected the forged leaf will have a simple hole drilled through the stem)

Free custom names or initials. If the names are more than 6 characters I ask we do initials.

Aspen Leaf Charm









  1. These are awesome, I follow you on IG (matt_d_), hopefully one day soon when the wife gets put of school, I’ll be able to afford more than a keychain charm! Until then, keep up your amazing work and posts. I especially enjoyed the progress shots of the “Tree post bed” and and your door handles. Etc.. Would love some of these in my collection some day. Thank you. By the way, feel free to include one of those engage brain before operating stickers!! Kidding, I’ll purchase one next time!

  2. I am looking for 3 aspen leaves please. One brass with the name “Del” one bronze with the name “Audra” and one copper with the name “Fern”.

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