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A Colorado Blacksmith



Rory and his forged metal art have been featured in various galleries in Colorado, as well as online galleries such as Deviant Art, DenverArtists.com, Galaxyunite.com and also has taken part in the Denver Underground art shows such as: Raw: Denver presents Mixology, Raw: Boulder presents Expressions, Art at The Armory, Pancake and Booze: Denver, CO. His unique style in design, application and technique has been developing for the past 15 years. He also has been a member of the Artist-Blacksmiths Association of North America and Rocky Mountain Smiths since 1995.

From the Artist: Rory May

“My work explores how far I can push metal, brass, copper, bronze and aluminum with a modern approach and different perspective. I typically do custom work that is really one of a kind, yet that does not stop my passion to dive into my personal perceptions and allow the iron to deliver my message“


Blacksmithing Demonstrations:

I am open to demonstrate what I do and how I do it.  Feel free to email me or call about any opportunities.

Galleries / Shows that my work has been featured:

  • River Canyon Gallery: Bailey Colorado
  • LA Coppersmith: Louisville, Colorado
  • RAW:Denver presents MIXOLOGY: Denver, Colorado
  • RAW:Boulder presents EXPRESSIONS:  Boulder Colorado
  • ART @ THE ARMORY : Brighton, Colorado
  • Pancake and Booze: Denver, Colorado


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